Apparel sizes on 1 line on invoice

Dear All,

When I create an invoice in case I sell 2 the same shirt of different sizes, I have 2 lineson my invoice because ERPNext sees every size as a different article. Is it possible to have one line on my invoice with for example a little table in which the different sizes and quantities per size are presented?

ERP next provide functionality of “Item variants” and attribute.
here you can make One template as “Shirt” and its variant as different sizes

your Attribute name will be Size and its value Small,medium or any

Please refer

Thank you for your reply. I did this, I made the variants. I was referring to the way it is displayed on the invoice. I would like to have the different size variants together on 1 line. Instead of 1 line for every size.

@maartenkona you will have to write jinja code for generating the print format:

Note: the documentation is a bit old

I guess such a format is only applied once you hit the print button and as long as you look at any document inside ERPNext it will continue to be shown as single lines, right?

@anand thank you

@maartenkona do you know how to do this?

If you make it work I’d be very interested in your solution. Ideally you could post your code on github and share it here

@vrms yes, within erpnext it will appear as separate items, because that’s how erpnext handles items.

@vrms I have no experience with jinja code, but I do have experience with php, java and html. This is why I think it will be possible for me to make the code if I check the examples. I will let you know when I have made something. Maybe there are others who also made some?

that would be ideal and as this is a common issue for everyhing related to Fashion (maybe even other industries) I wouldn’t be all to surprised whether someone had work on it.

understood, thanks. Have you ever considered to ‘allow’ 2 dimensions (vertical & horizontal) types of attributes (currently all being vertical)?

@maartenkona just bumped over this older topic and would like to know whether you where able to make a print format that allows to display size variants in a single line on a printed invoice?

If ‘yes’, would you mind to share your solution here?