Appear an employee name instead of id in reports to

How to appear an employee name instead of id in reports to

You could create a custom field called reports_to_name with Fetch From set as reports_to.full_name and add that to list view instead of reports_to.

I did that, reports to name appeared in the list, but the list is empty

From your image, make sure Fetch From is empty.

Create a custom script
Select Employee as doctype and paste this script:


Save the script.

Now go to the Employee master, and choose the Reports to. The reports_to_name field should populate the full name.

Let me know if it works!

This works. But, when I clear the “Reports To” field, this custom field remains populated with the earlier value. How do I clear it.

hello @naveen @woowoffer

Create A new field and add this on the fetch from


go back to New Field and tick read only

you good to go

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Thanks a lot @Chibuzor_Derrick. Your solution worked perfectly for me.

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