Appear doctype menue in main doctype

i made a new doctype and i named it Internet
its a chiled from Project

and i made a custome field to add my Internet DocType to my Project form
and its really success and its a ppear in my Project form.

now what i need to achive is

when u look to this photo

i need to add Internet to appear in that page for example under Task

actually i followed that link

so i opened
frappe@erpnext:~/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/config$ vim

and add this

“type”: “doctype”,
“name”: “Task”,
“description”: _(“Project activity / task.”),
“type”: “doctype”,
“name”: “Internet”,
“description”: _(“internet.”),

According To that link

and this my newdoctype

even i restart the machine but the internet didnt appear

waiting dears your guide

now when i open a project form i found that
i need to add

Child DocType cannot be added in the top dashboard section. As it does not open as a separate form, it does not make any sense to give a link of them.

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thx a lot dear for your guide