Application of Payment Schedule Details On Sales Invoice creation and not fetching from sales order

Hello All,

I have noticed a behaviour of ERPnext related to the payment schedule due date in sales invoices and wanted to know if this was a bug.

When a Sales Order is created, the payment schedule table is filled out and a ‘due date’ assigned based off the Payment Schedule Template entry. When an invoice is then created for this order, it automatically fetches all the data for the payment schedule from the Sales Order and the tables are equal. However, I would like the table to be recalculated based off the creation date of the invoice.

Example: If a Payment Schedule template is used which sets the due date one month from creation of the sales order, when I make an invoice from that order I want it to recalculate the due date to be one month from the creation of the sales invoice, not just copying the information from the sales order. Is this how things should be done by ERPnext? Or is the direct fetching of information from Sales Order a bug?

In either scenario, would anyone know how to have that payment schedule table redone based off the template entry when creating an invoice from a sales order/delivery note?