Application viewing permissions


I like the interface, however I am having problems with the permissions setup with regards to which applications are visible to system users.

I have a virtual machine running.
I setup a new role, the only assignment is Leads.
I assign that role to a new user.

That user can see:
Selling > Leads

I understand that some components of each module may relate in some way to Leads, however there are times when you need to restrict a user’s access to a bare minimum.

Incredibly, through setup the user can reach core, and can see a list of every other user, and can then access the user record. This is a very bad result.

I cannot use the program in production just based on this. I have to be able to restrict a user, in some cases from knowledge of the other users on the system.

Will this issue ever be resolved?

@brianl thanks for pointing this out.

Yeah, surely a case for being able to control individual module / app access to users.

Can you add it to GitHub? Maybe if more users want this, we can take this up on priority.