Apply Tax Withholding Amount in Purchase invoice is showing disabled when a Purchase invoice is created from a Purchase Order

I am facing an issue related to Apply Tax Withholding Amount in Purchase Invoice

This option appears disabled & this occurs when a Purchase Invoice is created from a Purchase Order. However if I create a Purchase Invoice directly - there is no issues, the withholding tax gets applied correctly.

I have ensured that the supplier has been selected with the correct Tax Withholding Category etc.


Appreciate a solution to fix the issue

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I got the exact problem. Purchase Invoices created from PO are showing greyed out Apply Tax Withholding Amount

@hmd - It works if you create a Purchase Invoice from Purchase Receipt.

So for Tax Withholding to work the order is Purchase Order → Purchase Receipt → Purchase Invoice.

Directly from PO to PI the Tax Withholding doesn’t work.

Took a while to figure this out.

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@pythonpen ohh this is why the checkbox is not working. Our company is a service company and we do not create a purchase receipt, which means we do is
Purchase Order —> Purchase Invoice.

I also noticed that the Tax Withholding category does not work if no value on any of the single or cumulative transaction thresholds.

Do you know how can I change the type on purchase taxes and charges? since this is automatic when the checkbox is tick on the Apply Tax Withholding Amount. The type we need is “on net total” instead of “actual” for the apply tax withholding amount.

Do you have any recommendations on how to change the type?

I get that option for “On net total”


@pythonpen do you manually change the type during editing the Invoices?