Apply User Permission in All DocType but One or Few in v11

We are working over v11 and is quite familiar with User Permission of v11, my challenge is in User Permission v11 in ‘Advance Control’ it gives the option to select only one DocType in which the user Permission Applies or You have to select the User Permission for All DocType. In Earlier Versions, there was an option of selecting the DocType one needs.

Now the Challenge is I have 20 DocType and I want to Apply for User Permission in 18 DocType and No User Permission in 2 DocType, in this case, I will need to create 18 Documents (Records) for each user in User Permission. In the earlier version, there was an easy option of ‘CheckBox’ of All DocType in Advance Control.

I guess the issue is major because the ‘Advance Control’ has been shifted from CheckBox to Single Document Link Field.

Is there any other way to smartly manage it?

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Any help with this?