Applying Discount To Rounded Total?

Is there a way to apply an Additional Discount to the rounded today instead of the Net Total.

For example I have a Net Total of 312.816000 that has a 15% discount on top of that. ERPNext takes the unrounded Net Total and applies a discount of 46.922400.

The math ERPNext does is

=265.893600 (265.89)

On an actual invoice however you would see the following which doesn’t add up


I am trying to get the total as 265.90 by doing

=265.897 (265.90)

The actual invoice would see



The example I gave is from a Purchase Order. If I go to Customize Form - Purchase Order Item and edit the Amount (line 39) to a precision of 2 I get the results I am expecting above.

I would have to do the same for Purchase Receipt Item and Purchase Invoice Item and for the Sales versions of the same.

Is this the correct way of doing this or will this cause unforeseen problems somewhere else?