Appointment booking system

hi all,

I’m using the appointment booking system to book various home cabling services (i.e. Data, Telephone, Fibre or electrical). All the employees aren’t experts in all the fields.

Just wondering if it’s possible with the appointment booking system for the person making the booking to select the service type, and then system assigns that appointment to the relevant tech who has the expertise?

thanks in advance

maybe look into the maintennace function , this feature may work for you

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Can you please elaborate further on this functionality if you have more info?

This wouldn’t be available on the website of ERPNEXT?
Also like the appointment where it automatically assigned jobs to techs this will have to be done manually correct?

I have sent you the link… its OPEN for all to read.
you can assign specifc doctypes to be alloacted to certain users , you may need to customise alittle.