Apportioned cost for products

I was wondering when we have a purchase order, let’s say with 2 products, product A cost $100 and product B cost $50, but I paid $20 for freight, is there any way to distribute those $20 balanced between the 2 products (apportioned cost) and this is reflected in the total amount of the product’s price, meaning product A will have a final price of $115 and product B will have a final price of $55? (not sure if I distributed well the cost of the freight, but it’s just an example to illustrate the point of apportioned cost) Thanks.

Hi There, landed cost vouchers might be the way to go. Also you can use the taxes and charges template (buying) for distributing charges (such as shipment, customer delivery, intefacility frieght, sub contracting work or warehougins costs) to the products (if known earlier). The documentation below might help.

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