Approval flow - can this be done?

Hi all,

example for purchase order

we have a small setup (5 people)

all of us will be in charge of the procurement … however for extra safety, we need to have such logic

say Ben creates a purchase order. Ben needs to submit approval from Susan. Once Susan is good, Susan will approve it.


Susan creates a new purchase order, this time Ben will approve it

Both Ben and Susan are having the same role

Basically the author of the document should not be the one who approves the document.

Is this logic possible with erpnext (without coding)?


why should susan create new purchase order? can use the same one ?
if can use the same one then it can be done with standard workflow…

actually anyway it can be done as the following if you just need as you said…

you have to make 2 separate workflows standard:

  1. ben is the owner and susan is the approved person
  2. susan is the owner and ben is the approved person

yeah both ben and susan are on the same role

i need to achieve this

author of the document should not be the one who approves the document even it’s the same role

i don’t think the standard flow makes sense, as susan can approve her own purchase order right?

no, in the workflow as mush as i remember you can state the exact steps you want…

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it seems workflow only allows Roles, not users.

Also, workflow only allows one workflow active per DocType


You manage to get this to work as I am in the same predicament as well.


I believe it can be done, you have to create two workflow Action for Draft mode and one for Submit mode.
let see:
Draft Mode

  1. Approval Require from Susan
  2. Approval Require from Ben


  1. Submit

Use User Permission to restrict each user with their respective Workflow Action. e.g. Ben will be allow to have Workflow Action " Approval Require from Susan" and then Susan will be allow to Action " Approval Require from Ben"
here it goes.

i hope it work as you require