Approval for department wise of Salary Slips after Payroll Entry is submitted


There is set of departments in the company and each department has it’s own department head.

There is a need to approve the draft salary slips before it can be submitted.
The salary slips are created by a button after the Payroll Entry is submitted.
The salary slips that are bulk created can be submitted by a single button on Payroll Entry.

There is a need to allow clicking on that button only after the approval of department head, post review of the draft salary slips.

Have you faced same requirements and how does one manage it?

What if you have a payroll entry for each department? Under Employees Section.
Then a workflow against payroll entry?

Still, the Payroll Entry workflow will only allow it to be submitted before the Salary Slips are created.

The objective is to approve the salary register so that all included items are approved.

The concept in the system is to approve the Salary Structure Assignments, Timesheets, Additional Salary, Attenadance, etc. all these doctypes that make up the Salary Slip.

Generally businesses have salary register that is approved and taken forward to the final submission.

… but then maybe we just have a different prespective.

Same perspective. We’ve had same request. Just we advice users to approve the salary register of draft salary slips off-system, then have all salary slips submitted later.

I think the optimal solution is something that enables review of salary slips easily/fast. Like a salary register, only this time a doctype instead of a report. Seen requests of such a feature on this forum.