Apps installed with bench not showing up in Desk

I’m trying to install a local app into a site, but it is not working. I have installed the app by running “bench --site [site-name] install-app [app-name]”, however, the app does not appear in the home menu.

The cmd “bench --site [site-name] list-apps” includes my app in the output. Furthermore, the app appears as an option in the user Modules Access menu.

So, it appears that the app is installed, it is just not accessible.

Any ideas what may be wrong?

Have you set any specific roles in the App, if yes, check if the user has those roles.

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When I have this problem @Pawan is right about the solution ~90% of the time and I feel silly afterwards because I forgot again. The other is that it may be unchecked in the “set desktop apps” but it always checked when freshly installed.

It actually had to do with the module/app being empty.

I did not know that a module/app only appears in the desk if there are DocTypes defined for the module/app.