Arabic support for num2words

Hi all,
I have just submitted a PR to savoirfairelinux/num2words to support Arabic in num2words function. Is there any plan to pull from their repo and update frappe/num2words? or should I submit my PR directly to frappe/num2words


i had the same problem before , and i had to do it by hand build doctype to convert number to right syntax Arabic grammar
arabic have words for female currency and male currency , and not like other languages we use الف الفين الفان الالف مئة مئتان مئتين مئة والخ
so i made this code and it serve me good … single doctype frappe you can use it as method


Hello Ahmad,
Great job.
I could not think of any need for specifying gender since currencies are all the same:
ألف ريال, ألف جنيه, ألف دولار. وهكذا.
Moreover, I am thinking of adding support for Arabic num2words to the main project without needing a custom doctype for supporting Arabic.
Can you take a look at my PR

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Great work from you it will save a lot of effort for arab people to use erpnext especially print format for checks

num2words is a library that converts numbers like 42 to words like forty-two. It supports multiple languages (Arabic,English, French, Spanish, German and Lithuanian) and can even generate ordinal numbers like اثنان وأربعون .

Hello ahmad
Thank you for your help :sos:
Please let me know how add this doctype to my erpnext
I am new here please step by step