Archive Completed Projects & Timesheets?

Hello everyone, how can I archive completed projects and timesheets so that they don’t show up.?

Thank you for your time and help!!!

@5p00f3r Could you elaborate the use case why you would want to archive the projects off the list?

Hello @Mitali_Deshpande, Thank you for replying. I would like to archive projects which we have completed already. we only track the hours with timesheets for each project and once the project is completed, we mark it as completed but we would like to archive it so that we don’t have a super long list of projects and timesheets on the dashboard.
Thank you!

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I normally just use filter != Complete and that works well. You don’t see completed projects.

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hi @bedo thanks a lot for your reply, I was trying to see if there was another option besides using a filter, but I guess the filter will do for me right now. Gracias!!!

Hi question with regards to completed projects. I am still experiencing that once tagged a project as complete, I can still create Sales order, purchase order or all documents that can be linked to it. How can I make the project to be non editable and cannot be used to any document or doctype once it is completed?

I feel the form filters will help you. Check here

I just think the Status and “Is Active” fields should be helpful to eliminate the tagging of a project to a document for example the sales order or the invoices. However, if you click the “+” on the dashboard, you can still save it.

Is there a way to remove it? see below picture. Or I think it should be remove automatically since the project was already complete = closed.