Archive "Version" from system

Hello community, our ERPNext / Frappe instance has really grown and we’re really happy to have chosen Frappe! It really comes with batteries included.

However, we would like to archive our Version history from time to time. Is there a built-in feature for that? Our version contains about 2.7 billion data.

I believe that some background jobs exist for deleting old error logs. You can develop server side script for that.

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I don’t think version tables should be deleted :sweat_smile: You might need it for forensics in the future.

If you’re sure it’s causing slow downs then an alternate would be a partitioning table (somewhat risky so do at your own volition)

Or backup and drop previous data. Deleting 2B+ rows isn’t really possible, better option is to copy recent data and drop table like described here: Big DELETEs - MariaDB Knowledge Base


Will def check this one out! Thank you.

On a side note, it’s not causing slowdowns, it just leaves our server unaccessible when its doing its backup job :slight_smile:

V14 lets you keep your site up in read-only mode: Zero* downtime migrations

For single-tenant sites you can also experiment with physical backups which are much faster:

To use this you’ll have to backup manually using mariabackup and avoid inbuilt backups. (Somewhat risky as it’s “manual” step but you can build a system around it)


Yeah, migrating to v14 will take some time but we’re gonna go for it sometime soon :slight_smile: in the meantime, thank you for the MariaDB stuff.