Archiving old data

Hi Experts,
how can I archiving the old data in ERPNext?
Example: data from 3 years ago I need to remove it from system but I need to archive this data for any future purpose.

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This feature is not available out-of-the-box. You can welcome to develop and contribute one.

Another alternative would be to start a fresh ERPNext instance, and migrate required data (like masters and opening balances) needed for creating transactions in the next account.

We generally don’t recommend it as all the data in a place will allow you to do long-term data analysis. Rather you can consider upgrading your infrastructure to manage large data.

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Hi umair,
You main that there is no fears about large data and this dose not affect on ERPNext performance.

Of course it does. And to manage large data you need better infrastructure / webspace. But instead of compromising on data, you should consider upgrading your infrastructure to handle large data.


Thanks Umair and I am happy to contribute with this community which contains people like you.

Thanks for the kind words. For now, need your contribution by submitting your reviews on ERPNext on these websites.

We as a community can achieve lot more than individuals.


done Umair