Are basic computations allowed in custom Print Format?

I would like to create a basic breakdown computation of tax for a custom POS print format. Can i do this in print format? Thanks!

yes using jinja2 i.e. {%- set n = n + 1 -%}

Sure. You can refer to standard print formats for the reference and create Custom Print Format for POS on the same lines. Check the following link for the standard HTML of the POS print format.

@jof2jc Could i do this to display computations? Or what is the proper format?

{{ format_currency(total, currency)-(format_currency(total, currency)*.12) }}

{%- set total = * 12 -%}

To display {{ total }}

Is this the proper application to compute and display?

{%- set taxtotal = * 12 -%}
<td class="text-left" style="width: 40%;"></td> 
<td class="text-left" style="width: 10%;"></td>
<td class="col-md-3"></td> 
<td class="col-md-3 text-right"> {{ taxtotal }} </td>