Are db backups sent to dropbox encrypted?

as the title says … are backups of databases sent to dropbox encrypted?

I’m making an assumption here, but so long as your server is encrypted, I would assume the transmission is secured end-to-end. Dropbox’s API end is secure as far as I know.

I think those are only *.gz file, no encryption.

Although the transmission is secure, I think it is a good idea to have each backup file to be password protected.


Igniting old thread, but definitely need database backups to be encrypted. There had already been a GitHub issue created back in 2015 however seems nothing has progressed with it. I would like to see automatic encryption irrespective of the destination of backups, as well as the import process to decrypt.


Is there any update on this issue, as most of market places specially amazon make it mandatory that all database files at rest or in backup must be encrypted.


Unfortunately not.

We employed a third party to develop the encryption / decryption process and completed a pull request however the coding was not up to Frappe’s standards / requirements and we no longer use the third party so cannot continue with it further. We tried at least to contribute to making the platform more secure.
I think the foundation should be picking this one up as a core to the product, irrespective if files are stored local to ERPNext server or external.