Are documents such as customers and orders visible to all users?

I have just completed the setup and have attempted to add some documents and users.

However, I recently observed that when I, as Account A, created a customer or sales order, I was able to see the documents or even edit them using Account B, which only has Sales User role.

Could you please assist me in understanding this? My intention is to use this ERP for a small company, and if every salesman is able to view each other’s customers and sales orders, isn’t this inappropriate and unacceptable?

Alternatively, is there a particular setting that I may have forgotten to configure?

@Kevin_Richard sales user does have permission to edit customer and sales order. you can check by opening the user profile and click on the role name. you can edit the permissions by opening role list and edit the role itself. please refer to this page for more informations.

What I mean is: Is it possible to set it up so that each account can only view and edit orders they have created themselves?

yes . open role list . find the role for example sales user . then edit permissions . then check only if creator.

Thank you very much, this really helps.
Besides, is there any documents for v14, I can only find V13 documents on official website, but there are significant differences in layout and settings between v13 and v14.