Are other Cloud systems also allow, rather than Dropbox?


My company is considering starting to use an ERP System, I’ve been seeing ERPNext for two years now, just seeing how it works but never actually begun an integration process. We currently use a cloud server called Synology, and we already have all our databases there. I know Dropbox is one the best cloud providers out there, but we already paid for Synology, and we are not planning to transfer to Dropbox.

So my question is, is it possible to make a daily backup of all the data to Synology?

I look forward to listening from you guys, thanks for your help in advance!

@Marco_Caceres You can also set AWS S3 backup.


@kolate_sambhaji thanks for your reply!

So only Dropbox and Amazon Web Services are supported?

Thanks for your advice!

@Marco_Caceres you can integrate google drive and one drive if you are developer.
If you are hosting with online hosting provider, you can buy daily auto snapshot plan to backup your system.

Even linux SCP command also do magic for files backup

Awesome would be Nextcloud (and Owncloud) support.

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@Marco_Caceres @Krischan
For companies I will suggest to purchase dropbox pro, which will cost $100 per year.

For individuals, they can use dropbox if there backup size if less than 2GB

We can also make google drive integration which will give 15GB storage.

You can post job on job portal and ask community to sponsor it.

I am sure, lots of people need this.