Are Quality Reviews being created automatically?

I was wondering if Quality Reviews are getting created automatically by the system for every Quality Goal where a „Monitoring Frequency“ ist set.

Hi Samuel,

Nice thought! But no, that’s not how it is quality Reviews are designed to work. You can set Incoming, Outgoing or In-process. For incoming the inward stock transaction cannot be submitted till a quality inspection is submitted. Similarly for Outgoing inspection, the stock transaction for outgoing inspection cannot be submitted till the Inspection Report is submitted. Similarly, you can pull an Inprocess inspection in a BOM and you will have to submit the quality report for the Manufacturing Entry to be submitted.

Of course the Quality Inspection document can be initiated by a user at any time, so there is really no reason why with a bit of scripting and/or customization, you will not be able to accomplish what you’ve described.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for your reply.

I may be wrong, but I get the impression that we are not on the same page. You’re talking about Quality Inspections. I’m talking about the Quality Management modul of ERPNext.

You’re absolutely right. I’m still on ver 11. I did log in to Ver 12 and I see what you are talking about. But hey, you know more about that than I.

I’m sure somebody else will chime in.



To answer my own question: Yes, Quality Reviews are being created automatically.

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@scdanieli you can automate quality review for your goal. There is field monitoring frequency based on that our scheduler create quality review automatically. If it is set to none then you need to create it manually.