Are Time Logs to be removed in v7?

V7 looks great, and the timesheet feature seems like a nice workflow improvement to enter times quickly. In the beta, it looks like Time Logs are going to be removed.

If Time Sheets are merely a container for Time Logs, it’ll probably be fine. I’m curious what the team had in mind for time billing and everything.

At the moment, we record times, send to batch, print the batch with the note field to avoid disputes in legitimacy, and then send that to a Sales Invoice.

Is there much of a re-imagination in the invoicing process for timesheets?

@superlack thanks for the feedback.

Thats the new design! Time Logs are now Timesheets

You can bill Timesheets directly (See Timesheets section in Sales Invoice). There is a table to add multiple timesheets

No need to batch them separately.

Do report issues if you find them!

Will report anything if I see it. Couldn’t get the newest of develop going on my development server, and the didn’t have the time sheet function on sales invoice.

When attributing a time sheet to an invoice, does it require the entire thing? Usually we will bill by project, and if there are other entries for different projects when billed to one customer, it could create the problem of making sure employees seperate them accordingly and keep track of 3-4 active time sheets at once.