[Article] Balancing Makers and Takers to sustain Open Source

Some great points:

Takers harm Open Source projects. An aggressive Taker can induce Makers to behave in a more selfish manner and reduce or stop their contributions to Open Source altogether. Takers can turn Makers into Takers.

Both volunteer-driven and sponsorship-driven Open Source communities should encourage software free-riders, but sponsorship-driven Open Source communities should discourage customer free-riders.

As a community, we should support end-users, but those who make money from ERPNext, should not be free-riders.

There needs to be fairness in the system, representing Frappe, I feel definitely feel that many Takers are not sharing the heavy load of running such a large product and community. Not sure what is the way to fix it, but I have a feeling that we are definitely pushing the balance towards more fairness.

One way to implement this is Drupal’s credit system. Drupal’s non-profit organization, the Drupal Association monitors who contributes what. Each contribution earns you credits and the credits are used to provide visibility to Makers. The more you contribute, the more visibility you get on Drupal.org (visited by 2 million people each month) or at Drupal conferences (called DrupalCons, visited by thousands of people each year).

Currently Frappe being the owner of the ERPNext brand, has unfair benefits. We must find ways to reward other contributors, either by preferential listing on the website or otherwise.


I am very happy to read this article and I support it.

I was actually looking for donation information but couldn’t find it … or I didn’t look hard enough.

My company cannot join the meetings in India but as we are heavily depending on erpnext for our companies, we are happy to support financially Frappe.


@Iulian_Olaru you can become a foundation member https://erpnext.org/members

Or you can also buy Frappe support ERPNext for Enterprise

Most of the revenue ends up improving the product for everyone :wink: