[Article] Why monoliths are better

Since a lot of people keep questioning why ERPNext is a monolith.

From the article:

"Why a Monolith works

Once the code for all destinations lived in a single repo, they could be merged into a single service. With every destination living in one service, our developer productivity substantially improved. We no longer had to deploy 140+ services for a change to one of the shared libraries. One engineer can deploy the service in a matter of minutes.

The proof was in the improved velocity. In 2016, when our microservice architecture was still in place, we made 32 improvements to our shared libraries. Just this year we’ve made 46 improvements. We’ve made more improvements to our libraries in the past 6 months than in all of 2016."


Linux Desktop is a great example where open source fragmentation killed the desktop. Another reason why monoliths are a better architecture, at least upto a point.