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Hello all,

Looking at the horrible state of SEO-spammed web-content (search for “what is an ERP”), we think it is time we invest in publishing good articles about ERP in general and its uses in various contexts, selection guidelines, implementation best practices etc.

I propose that we spend $75 per article (incase it is published)


  • It should be original
  • Correct grammar and spellings
  • 500-1000 words
  • Conversational tone
  • Clear and short paragraphs

Style Guide:



  1. What is an ERP System
  2. Why should small businesses use an ERP system
  3. What are core features and modules of an ERP system
  4. What is the history of ERP systems
  5. What are popular open source ERP systems

Selecting an ERP system

  1. Open source v/s Proprietary
  2. How to set a budget (by value)
  3. Are you ready for an ERP system

Benefits For Domains

  • How will ERPs benefit
    • Manufacturing
    • Service
    • Retail
    • Distribution
    • Education
    • Healthcare
    • Non Profits

Implementation Best Practices

  • How to implement for small companies
  • How to migrate from another ERP
  • How to manage organization change
  • How to migrate opening accounts
  • How to migrate opening stock


Please feel free to add to the above list


@umair, Do we have a list of keywords identified from SEO point of view?

I remember we had some momentum on google keywords in past, so maybe some target keywords are compiled?

There are various campaigns and ad plans ran around domains. The getting us most of the hit was open source ERP, Manufacturing ERP, Cloud ERP and HRMS were the next. GST India was a good success. Then you have the whole bunch of keywords suggested by Google which you just add to your campaigns.

But here, I understand is to just write a quality content on the points mentioned by Rushabh. It’s not intended to promote ERPNext directly but just create good landing page.

I understand this more as a blog article, rather than a manual type content. So, if we trying to cover these mentioned topics, it really makes sense to capture the keywords of our focus. Good content with limited Targeted keyword go hand in hand.

Anyway, the list you provided gives me an idea. Thanks.

@rmehta, I’m ready with my first article of 1100 words covering these two points. The content is 100% plagiarism free and Grammarly approved. How do I submit it for review?

At the end of the article, as a call of action, I have taken the liberty to connect to my website for a backlink. Let me know how it needs to be handled better.



Awesome @FinForce , do you want to mail me on

I will review and get back.

Emailed. Waiting for the feedback.

Thanks for sharing the link of 'why-is-business-writing-so-awful". I’m sure I could not make it as interesting as the author described, but one day I will reach there.


Hi @rmehta,
I have a thought about writing an article covering the below aspects:
- Setting up your MacOS for ERPNext development
- Up and Running with production ready ERPNext on Google cloud
let me know if there is a space for the the above thoughts !!

There are already a couple of wikipages for that. Maybe you can create an [How to] post for the forum. For now lets target general users

How about an article for the Education module?

sure…will do that !!

Hi @rmehta,

Have you thought about articles covering:
-Supervisor of Hardware Acquisition, Requirements, & Qualification

-I also have made a few videos on how to.


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@nicole yes I have seen your videos :slight_smile:

Would you be interested in contributing?

@rmehta Yes I would love to contribute:smiley:

Hello @rmehta
I would like to write about “How will ERP benefit in retail industry” OR
“What are popular open source ERP systems”

let me know if any.