Ascending/Descending Order Error

Good Day Everyone,

I have customized the ‘Priority’ Docfield in “Task” DocType to a Standard Filter, So I can Ascend/Descend the order of Tasks based on the value of ‘Priority’.
However, once I have done the customization on the “Task”, I found that the order is not the same as the order of the Docfield. (Like, Low-Medium-High-Urgent). Instead, I find it to be in Alphabetical order, as in (High-Low-Medium-Urgent) in Descending order, and in Ascending order (Urgent-Medium-Low-High).

How can I make the Ranking Order goes (Low-Medium-High-Urgent), just like the original order?

If I have missed something or should there be the need to explain more, Please let me know.
Thank You