[ASK] : Data Delay After Input

Why is there a time delay for items to be called from POSAwesome after they have been input or received via stock entry?
Also changes to other data such as customer names or adding new customers.
There is a delay of up to 10 minutes until this data can be called up on POSAwesome.

Can adding background_worker solve this?

  • Which version of ERPNext your using?
  • Please provide more details.
  • Check the Error Log doctype

Here’s my frappe version…
No error log shown up.

For the time being, I just uncheck “use local browser cache” and “use server cache” in the pos profile settings. Only in this way can the data that has just been entered appear immediately.

but by removing the check, POSAwesome loading takes longer

Is the ERP Self Hosted or Frappe Cloud and please provide the instance details. like RAM and Storage

It’s Self Hosted with spec :

  • Space 200 GB (SSD)
  • RAM 16 GB
  • CPU Cores 16

is it normal? so high resources used