Asking for quick-fix for item master company permissions

Good day

Setup… multi-company on single instance. ( Company A, Company B )

Would like to make only the Company A usable and visible.

So I did the following:
Created user default for Company A
Created Global default for Company A
Also set a user-permission - Allow “Company” ; “For value” = Company A

I checked this setup on Mat req, Stock entry, Pur Ord , Pur Inv, Sales ord , Sales Inv etc…
Works well. i.e.

  1. Company A is loaded as default
  2. even if you try and select the other company , it is not visible.

The above is true for all the docs I tested EXCEPT
Item master

In V13, in the following table in item master
Sales Purchase Accounting defaults

And in V14, under
Accounting, also in the item master,

i can still select both Company A and Company B

I suspect this is not a bug but intentional since the items must be available to both

Is there something else I can do to limit even the item-master to Company A?

Will it help if I do a custom script for the item master

frappe.ui.form.on('Item', {
	refresh(frm) {
"filters": [
		"label": "Company",
		"fieldtype": "Link",
		"options": "Company",
		"default": frappe.defaults.get_user_default("Company") || frappe.defaults.get_global_default("company")



Found one way of doing it …

Customise - Form … Item Defaults ( Child table for Item )

There is a tick to “Ignore User permissions”
I unticked this.

Works like a bomb.

Is there perhaps a more elegant solution ?