Asset Audit Feature?

Is there a feature in ERPNext to mark when an asset has been audited? A sample use case is when you have a person confirm that an asset is still in place, usable and the person it is assigned to is all accurate.

We want to audit our computing assets at least once per year. Trying to find a place in ERP to store that.

Does this new feature do what I am thinking? - [New Feature] Asset Maintenance Management


I think Asset Maintenance Management should be able to to that. You can add audit as task and assign someone to it. Also you can create a log for it if it was carried out correctly.

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Is this already released?

Review is still pending. I am sure as soon as PR is reviewed and merged, it will be released. Here is the github link to the PR. [New Feature] Asset Maintenance Management by KanchanChauhan · Pull Request #11371 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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What is the Expected release date? We are waiting for this features.