Asset depreciation entry

hello every one,in this picture i ama trying to make the depreciation of an asset but the journal entry column is always empty and i have to press on every row to select (make depreciation entry) just like in the photo ,Is there a way to let it done automatically???


You can book depreciation entry automatically by checking the “Book Asset Depreciation Entry Automatically” checkbox in Account Settings.

Hope this helps.

I looked at it… And it was checked… Still the same problem

system will run when schedule date arrived after that you can see journal entry no
now your earliest schedule date is 01/07/2020 not yet arrived
so wait until 1st july
or try nearest schedule date

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So if the deprecaiation was a paste date… The journal entry will be done automatically???

It will not be created automatically for past dates. You will have to manually click the “Make Depreciation Entry” button for those. For the future dates, if the option is checked in Account Settings, the entries will be automatically created on the given date.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your help

Hello dear,

I have the same problem, the depreciation entry is checked and the dates are arrived and it didnt create journal entry automatically, could you help with some suggestions

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Hi, any solution of this problem?