Asset Depreciation Journal Entry


I have a fixed asset with the depreciation schedule set to depreciate every month (frequency=1 month). The asset was created 2-3 months ago, and should depreciate on 20 Nov (last month). Until now, there is no journal entry created for this asset. From what I understand, the system should automatically generate journal entry every month, right? But how come it didn’t? I have to manually go to the asset master, click on the scheduled date, and choose “create journal”.

Do I understand it wrongly?

Thank you


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Do you have background jobs enabled on your server?

Hi Pawan,

How to check whether the background job is enabled or not? I’m using Debian 9.

Sorry, I’m new to these stuffs.

Thank you

At first check if you have the following setting “Book Asset Depreciation Entry Automatically”.

If this is set, then you can look at searching background jobs from search bar, to see if anything is failing.

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Hi Pawan,

Thank you for your reply.

That option is checked, and I already tried to run bench restart, all seems okay.

I just found the daily Dropbox backup is also not working. Only can backup when I manually press the backup now.

Anything else I missed out?