Asset Depreciation - Please Address this

Would you please address this issue around Asset Depreciation, so that in FY2017-18 (for India), companies can actually use the Fixed Asset Register functionality?

Here’s the issue on Github:



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Let’s continue the discussion on these feature suggestion via Github Issue.

@Community, do let us know your thoughts on the suggestion. That will help us gauge demand for this feature, so that we could shortlist it for development.

Given the beauty of open source, feel free to contribute these enhancements anytime.

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Am I really the only guy wanting this? Perhaps means that only I want to use ERPNext to manage Fixed Asset Register in India.

Come on India implementations, you guys all need this:

@adityaduggal @ishanloya @vivekck @Raghav_s @Sonali_Budhrani

Come on and ask for this.



@JayRam I fully agree that the WDV method is not supported and it should be piece of cake for the WDV to be implemented for @nabinhait

Just a word of caution which is not mentioned in the issue, suppose we have an asset with value as Rs 1,00,000/- at the begining of year and the percentage of depreciation is 15% then in that case if you selecting monthly posting of the depreciation then the total depreciation has to be 15000/- instead of the reducing balance calculation since if you calculate WDV on a monthly basis the total depreciation would come out to be less than 15000/- that is the only point to be taken care of when designing the WDV method with multiple options for posting as in SLM or Double Declining method.

@JayRam I agree we need this functionality for Fixed asset.