Asset Depreciation schedule table - Feature Enhancement

At present the depreciation schedule table is created for every depreciation frequency.

We have number of row created in the depreciation schedule table for the totl number of depreciation in the finance books table. The date sequence is based on the Depreciation starting date
examples are:

  1. Finance book depreciation starting date 30th June 2022:

  2. The depreciation scedule dates are:

There is a need for a feature enhancement to give flexibility to companies to make the rows in the depreciation schedule have dates as last date of the month. Companies have a process to pass depreciation entries as last date of the month.

Custom solution to update the table values is not working as the table is not editable.

frm.fields_dict.schedules.grid.add_custom_button(__('Update Depreciation Schedule Entry Dates'), 
			function() {
			    var schedules = frm.get_field('schedule').grid.get_selected_children();
			    schedules.forEach(function(item) {
			        var currentRowMonthEnd = moment(item.schedule_date).endOf('month').format('YYYY-MM-DD');
                        item.schedule_date = currentRowMonthEnd;

Created a custom script to update the schedule_date in the depreciation_schedule table but looks like the custom script is not working as depreciation schedule table is not editable

Any solution appreciated

The issue is resolved in the latest release