[Asset Depreciation] Why cant we have next depreciation date in past?


I have been trying the new asset depreciation feature which I must admit is great, the team at erpnext has indeed done a good job.

But I have, as always, come across certain sticky points:

  1. Why the next depreciation date is not allowed for past?
  • I can understand that the asset depreciation voucher needs to be entered via a Scheduled task but can’t we have an extra line or two of code to manually generate OLD vouchers or have a button to post the old vouchers manually. This would help old users to seamlessly incorporate asset depreciation to their accounts.

  • The Other issue I have observed with the Fixed asset Purchase is that it only gives an option of making a Purchase /Sales invoice and I think the developers forgot that there is an option where we NEED SO/DN for SI and PO/GRN for PI and if in case they are mentioned as required then the user cannot make the Asset Sale or Purchase

  • I would also like to know if there is a way to test the posting of the vouchers for depreciation in a test environment. The problem is that since the depreciation vouchers are posted in the future, I have to wait for months for those vouchers to be posted. This problem can be resolved either by having point no.1 or some other way in bench by which i could trick the system into posting future vouchers.

The use case is that in my organisation we are currently using Annual depreciation but I would like to have monthly SLM method of depreciation since now the system can be automated but for that to be possible I would have to wait till mar-2017 so that I can post JV of old assets from 01-Apr-2017 but if the system had the option to create past jvs then i guess it would have resolved such issues.

Request for an early resolution to this issue.

Edit: Added point no.2
Edit2: Added point no.3