Asset depreciation

Hi i have a question about asset depreciate, i had create an fixed asset item and buy some for it, and put it in a new warehouse and now i want to create a depreciation for that item , but i cant do it via JV because JV cant be made against a warehouse , how can i do this?

You can make a Stock Reconciliation for that item. Leave the qty column blank and in valuation rate column, mention the “value after depreciation”. In “Stock adjustment” account enter expense account for depreciation.

I think that is not quite good to do that, because every month to calculate depreciation i need to go to stock reconciliate, which i need to save a list of item that i want to depreciate and had to calculate it manually and import it, so what is it for is fixed item variable in item master?

also is there any plan to create asset module in erpnext?..i think it would be quite useful…


Unfortunately Is Fixed Asset Item in item master is not used anywhere. And currently there is no direct way to book Asset Depreciation, other than Stock Reconciliation work-around. There is a github issue on automated depreceiation feature.