Asset Depreciations and Balances Report

I am using ERPNext to teach MBA students at NMIMS University, Mumbai. So I am entering a lot of test data. While doing so, I observed that the “Asset Depreciation and Balances Report” does not show the correct values for the accumulated depreciation and hence for net asset value. When I used report builder to check the net asset value, I got correct values. I am not posting data here because it’s all test data. Will it be possible for real ERPNext users to check whether they get right values for their production data?

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@Shrikant this is great. Thanks for considering ERPNext!

@ArundhatiS can you try to replicate it?


I just checked in my test account and found values calculated correctly for accumulated depreciation as well.

Will be great if you could give some pointers, so that we can try to replicate it?

Hi Umair,

I have test data in Excel. Please advise on how I can share that file.

On related note, I am adding these assets as existing assets BEFORE making opening entries. I referred to this report to make opening entries against temporary opening account.



PS: Actually I will like to share entire test data, which we are using for training. It will help if you validate it and guide us whether we are doing it correctly.