Asset Item Code link won't pull in Item Name


I wanted to add a field to Asset form to pull in the item name from the item code out of box field, but can’t seem to get it to work. What I have discovered is the asset doctype does not pull from the naming series, but instead uses the item code field. So when I try a read only field to associated with it, I don’t get the name pulled in.

This should link to “Item” and not “item_code” I think

For example, I created a couple more custom fields to link to the employee doctype by naming series and then pull in the name to go along with it for display/search purposes

This works great as I expected it would.

Any ideas on how to pull in the item_name off the linked item_code? Is this a bug in the out of box asset doctype that needs to be corrected?


Try this:

I have also send in the PR for the same.

ah ha! I did the item_code.item_name trick and that worked for me!