Asset maintenance/calibration

Would like to understand how this is currently done by existing users:
We’re a broad-based R&D and production company with a small team. Say we have 20 assets, from a group of 5 companies suppliers. So perhaps one supplied a Machine tool, another supplied 5 measuring tools etc… Lets focus on two of these things, depending on the situation:

  • Machine tool scheduled maintenance done by,
    • internal team
    • service provider
    • Machine tool manufacturer.
  • Calibration of measuring tools, done by
    • internal team
    • service provider
    • measuring tool supplier
    • measuring tool manufacturer.

There is some paperwork/traceability information that is produced in this process. There are invoices that need to be generated, there are quotes that need to be requested from third parties. Especially, the work flow to send a bunch of different tools for calibration to a service provider.
I can’t find a way to go around this in the asset maintenance part. Can someone show me some light, or a workaround, so that we could get this accomplished, or do I need to make a new doctype by extending asset management?
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Any feedback, please!

Is no one online here?

Surely you can just generate “standard” quotes/invoices etc that are not in the asset management module, and then link them back to the assets?

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Phew!! Thanks a lot for the response.

Well, if I request a quote, I cannot link the asset (for example: torque wrench) as an item for which the maintenance or calibration quote is requested. Let me explain the work flow:

The item is a torque wrench, that needs to be calibrated once a year, and there are a bunch of qualified calibration suppliers out there who we have used in the past, and we need to ask for quotes from them. When they send their quotes, we’d like to store those in ERPNext and then issue a purchase order for one. Then we need to prepare the transport documentation for the parts to be sent, and then comes in the courier who ships the order to the calibration supplier. The calibration supplier calibrates the torque wrench, and sends it back with a calibration report and their invoice. We need to then scan and import that calibration report in ERPNext. Check that all details are ok, and then pay the invoice. This work flow is repeated for that asset once a year. Many assets such as these (asset category measuring instruments), go through this process and should be sent to the calibration supplier…

How can I link this asset to the RFQ’s and transport documents and receivables etc. I can’t even move the asset outside of our facility in ERPNext!

Thanks a lot.

Sorry - I am a systems/installation/techie guy, and sadly not an accounting guy - just throwing some ideas out.

Perhaps use the quality inspection component on the manufacturing subsystem and create a transaction group or pricelist that you call something like “services”?

I’m sure some of the real experts on the setup side will give you some feedback in a few days (they’re all volunteers, so you just have to be patient for a while until one of them sees your post)

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