Assets are not loaded

Fresh install doesn’t render css or js. This is how it loos like:

try bench build and then bench migrate
This may help

Thanks for suggestion but the problem persists. Maybe I could reinstall the app on site. How can I uninstall the app. I guess I don’t have to delete supervisor and Nginx file since it is linked and will automatically update. But do I need to delete database?

You can do it with bench drop-site command. Like bench drop-site --site1.local Check site name in frappe-bench folder. Would recommend you start fresh by reinstalling operating system.

Tnx, will try that.

I am facing this issue after fresh install v13 on Ubuntu server 20.04Lts in Virtualbox.

Did you find a solution?

Hi @MrKovalski,

I hope you are doing well. I’m facing the same issue on my staging server. Did you find out how to resolve this without losing any data or files?

Thanks in advance.

Seems permissions issue … Check frappe/frappe/public . This folder should be achieved by webserver user.