Assets not loading


I have installed Erpnext successfully but the resources from assets directory is not loading.

Deployed as production with dns multitenant enabled.

The resources show 404 error.

See the screenshot here.

Same as here Cannot go to desk after fresh install - #6 by kothagunda

No clarkej this looks different i guess

This did not resolved this issue.

The resources show 404 error.

See the screenshot here8

These don’t give much for clues.

Have you a traceback you can post and what have you tried?

Run ‘bench build’

Test in Chrome and Firefox and check their web consoles for errors.

Check the logs for errors

Strange issue when i started the services using bench start the assets load correctly.

i dont know what to try as logs do not contain any clues as what to do.

Let me fetch the build log.

another thing is that i had to comment out the below lines in nginx conifg file to load the assets when running services through bench start.

#location /assets {
#	try_files $uri =404;

Here you go.

Link to file.

For folks to respond with help advice post traceback and questionable results here directly, rather than share a link offsite, thanks.

So now build completes, but with warnings, and your assets load on bench start.

I am not familiar with proxy and multi-tenant and suggest you start a new thread if you cannot resolve what it is you are trying to do.