Assign a task ... is a to do?

inside a project i have a task. This task should worked by an external employee.

So i choose the functionality “assign to” on left column.
But the opening window, where to coose the employee, is just a to do?

Yes, the employee can see, that he has a new to do, but not a task.
because of that, he could not see the details text of the task … so he cannot work on it, until we speak together.

How to realize, that a task can be assigned to an emplyee?

Hello quintact,

the employee can see the linked TASK-###### button in the top right of the ToDo.

Are you aware of this fact?

Hallo, yes i found that fact.
That menas, that every assignment to an employee will be send as a to do - but with the info, what he has to do.
same, as i give him a to do, without any task…

That’s true, but its a good way to have the tasks, issues, opportunities and everything ERPNext provides somewhere centralized → I think that is the reason it was made like this.

I don’t see something negative about it. For example you can assign a Task of a Project to more than one employee and everyone will have it in his ToDo list. That makes sense, if more than one person has to work on a Task. You only have to provide the information necessary for the Task in the Task itself, and tell your employees to do it by assigning it to them.

If you see something negative about it, please explain how you would like it to be. Maybe someone has a solution or workaround on this mind.

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No, it is not negative. It is just the learning of this system - the things are different, than in my thought. But i like to learn. And yes, if i have the reason, what about a assigned to do with the button (e.g. the task-no.) it is all clear.

That means at the end, that all to dos, wherever they come from, are in one view, and the employee can work them.
And yes, that makes sense.
Thanks for help.