Assign Employee to Sales Order

How could I assign different Sales Order to different users? Each user should have access to its own SOs.

You can use the Share button to share a Sales Order with a user. Check this link for more info: Sharing

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot, I also created a custom field like this:

I want to allow employee from this custom field.

I think maybe what the OP meant was about ownership (and confidentiality) of the Sales Order. I posted similar question couple of weeks back but nobody answers. Ideally when a user as salesperson login (assuming one SO is handled by only one salesperson), he/she already has link to customer (SO pre-filled with his/her information on Salesperson section), and created the SO. This salesperson “owns” the SO and the other salespersons should not have access to this SO, and the same on the other way around.

Creator Owner is working but I need assigning to one employee.