Assign Leave Policy v13


It seems that the option to assign leave policy to employees is no longer there in v13. there is neither ‘grant leave’ option any longer nor is there any standard field in either of employee or leave allocation for leave policy.

In v13 there is a doctype called Leave Policy Assignment. Check that out.

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Thanks. I found it through search but it doesn’t appear in the main items list shown in the Leaves section. May be somethings admins should consider to add when finalizing the v13 release.

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Hi @pateljannat

The official docs say…

In case you need to selectively update the Leave Policy for a particular Employee, you can do so by tagging the Leave Policy in the Employee master under the ‘Attendance and Leave Details’ section

There is however no such field under the ‘Attendance and Leave Details’ section. I guess the docs need to be updated to reflect this


It seems like the new process is to go to HR->Leave Policy Assignment and assign a Leave Policy to an Employee.