Assign only the "Sales user" role to restrict a user's access only to the POS

I am trying to assign only the “Sales user” role to a user so that they only have access to point of sale(with Home page=/app/point-of-sale and Restict Domain=Retail), but only with that role it shows errors like:

  • You are not allowed to access this page.

I solve this problem by also assigning the “Accounts User” role, but then the user has access to other parts and when logging in they are no longer redirected directly to /app/point-of-sale. Then I get:

  • Insufficient Permission for POS Profile.
  • Insufficient Permission for POS Opening Entry

Lastly, I try to give permissions to the Sales User Role using the Role Permissions Manager, to mark Select, Read in the POS Profile and POS Opening Entry DocType.

What permissions should I give to the Sales User role to only use it and not have to also mark the Accounts User role?

Can you give me any help or suggestion to achieve what I need, what is the best practice to achieve it?