Assign Tasks to multiple same level users

Hi All,

I am new and only based my knowledge in documentations and forums.
I wonder what is the best approach for workflow where a task is given to multiple users of the same level. ( There is no way it could be duplicated 1 task = 1 user.

For example in the State Section:
For admin to assign asks to different users of the same level I did this ‘only allowed edit for’:smile:

  • Developer - User1
  • Developer - User2
  • Developer - User3

I wonder if there is a better approach to this? The same goes to Transition.

In the tutorial’s section, It was just a single line flow. That’s why it’s kinda easy to understand. Is there, some tuts for a little complicated flow?

Thanks for the help in advance.


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Worksflow is defined based on Rule. Perhaps you can achieve this by creating 3 different roles, unique for each user. You can add new Roles from:

Setup > Users > Role

In the Workflow, based on the Status, define specific Role who will take next action. Since that Role will be assigned to specific User, only that User will be able to work on that document.