Assign to permission


when i assign lead to a user in CRM i get this notification ( Shared with user with read access )

how can i make default assign with read and write ?

screenshot with error from the assigned user error


to clarify what i need, i need the assign to function to enable read and write permissions ,

i have set user permissions for each user as following

User : username
For value: username ( same )
Allow : USER
Applicable for : Lead

this is doing its job with showing leads to lead owners only and assigned to as well,

by default when you assign to, its just giving read only permission , the only solution to that is to edit each lead you assigned and give the user read and write permission which is not reliable to mark 100s of leads and edit each one,

no one can help ?

Hello @Islam_Moustafa !

Have you found a solution?

got any solution yet ?