Assigning batch to Quotation Pos


A very special question from me… :slight_smile:

I know, a batch will be normally assigned at DeliveryNote level or at Sales Order level.
I also know, that batches at order level is only assignable when checking “modify stock”.

But our customer requires to be able to assign a batch at Quotation level. This assignment will be transferred to the order and the delivery note as preset. This procedure is very common in pharmaceutical industries.

Is it possible out of the box?

If not… What is the best practice to implement it. I know, that this will affect the complete chain from quotation, order, DeliveryNote. And also all reports.

My idea is a minimal invasive implementation of this as app, not touching the core.

Another question: As far as I have seen, it is only possible to assign ONE batch to a position. Is this right?

Last question: where is the best place to track the quoted amount of a batch or article. This information may be of interest while planning future needs. As far as I have seen, only reservations are made, when submitting an order. Where the reservation is on article base and not granulated down on batch level. Because of this I have identified the need to implement a parallel reservation tracking on batch level. Maybe someone of the ERPNext Pros has some ideas.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Quick answer: Custom field seems like a good option!