Assigning Documents

Hi there, @KanchanChauhan
Can You help for the matter below?

I am trying to assign an attendance document using script.
The task i want to perform is that i have added two fields Time in and time out.
So when uploading the attendance and if an employee is not having time in and time out so the system will keep the Document in draft Mode.
So I dont know the syntax for assigning Document using Python Script.
And also wanted to know that method on_update is called after the Document is created?
I want to know this is because i want to write the code in on_update method in attendance module.
There is a method where in this method is called before the document is submitted.
to change the employee name if in case employee name is wrong when uploading an excel sheet.
So can i implement the same in


Please don’t call out users for help. This is a forum and no one person is responsible to answer.

If you need help guarantee, please pay someone to do that for you.

Allright will keep in mind.
Sorry to bother.
Btw Done with the topic.
You can close it.