Assignment closed by Administrator

We are using the support-modul and it’s issues alot now. Every now and then I notice, that issues are “gone” as in they are set to status ‘closed’ with the note " Assignment closed by Administrator ".

Any idea how how when this happens?

As per the latest update in ERPNext, the status field has to be updated manually by the User.

The status becomes open on receipt of the reply from the sender.

Are you issues being accessed by the Customer from Customer Portal? Perhaps they are closing issue from there?

Ok. So this was a know thing?

So far I have figured out, that the issue is always closed at night between 1 and 3 am and this always happend 8 days after the last interaction (assigned to, or e-mail sent for example).

…customers are not using the portal.

If issue remains as replied stage for like 2 weeks (to be confirmed), then it get’s auto-closed. It is inbuilt.

got it!

Okay, then it is probably set to 8 days, right? Is there anyway in beeing able to control this auto-close time setting?

@umair I see this as quite an issue to be honest. As you are guessing, that they get closed in around 2 weeks, I take it this is not documented anywhere?

I suggest there should be settings for the support modul in which you are able to tick a box saying, that issues should be auto-closed in a certain state as dropdown (open/answered/paused) and a box for time settings in which they should be closed.

We come from the IT services industrie in which this would be vital.

You can amend the no. of days from here.